Our Doctor: Gene E. Ruckh, D.P.M.

After completing a rigorous three-year residency in podiatric medicine and surgery at Wyckoff Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Ruckh moved to Jacksonville where he began private practice. He is Board Certified in Podiatric Primary Care Medicine, Podiatric Surgery and Limb Preservation and Salvage. His experience in trauma, wound care and the treating of diabetic feet has brought much needed clinical expertise to the Jacksonville area.


While most of the patients Dr. Ruckh tends to treat are seniors, he also has extensive experience treating pediatric patients, having staffed a pediatric care clinic for three years in New York City. His knowledge of biomechanics and pedorthics has also provided alternatives to surgery in managing some of the complex podiatric deformities encountered.


Dr. Gene Ruckh has lived in Jacksonville for 15 years with his wife and four children. He enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, architectural design and creating innovative solutions for podiatric ailments.

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