APMA Seal of Acceptance/Approval Program –  The APMA Seal of Acceptance/Approval Program evaluates footwear, materials, insoles, hosiery, and equipment; the Seal of Approval evaluates the use of therapeutic agents and their adjuncts (pharmaceuticals)

Avoid a Flip-Flop Fiasco – Avoid foot pain and other flip-flop fiascos with these essential tips on shopping for and wearing flip-flops.

Which Running Shoe is Right for You? – One of the first steps to healthy running is wearing supportive running shoes



Children’s Feet

Essential Tips for Kids Shoe Shopping – Discover how to select a safe pair of shoes for children, including how to perform the “1,2,3 Test”

Buying Children’s Footwear – Tips for Finding Proper Fitting Shoes for Your Child

Footwear for Teenagers – Advice for teens on how to get great fitting shoes.

General Foot Health

Sprains, Strains & Fractures – What is a Foot or Ankle Sprain or Fracture?

Heel Pain – Heel pain, sometimes disabling, can occur in the front, back, or bottom of the heel

Tips for Protecting Feet from the Heat – Wouldn’t you rather spend time collecting sea shells than doctor’s bills?

Sprains, Strains & Fractures – What is a Foot or Ankle Sprain or Fracture?

Pedicure Pointers – The Dos and Don’ts for Fabulous Feet

Shoe Inserts and Prescription Custom Orthotics – Shoe inserts can be very helpful for a variety of foot ailments, including flat arches and foot and leg pain

Prepare For Your Appointment – A Patient Checklist

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