Services Offered by Foot & Ankle Specialists of Jacksonville

Complete Podiatric Medical Examination
  • General foot health evaluation and annual diabetic foot exams
  • Foot screening exams and general podiatric care for our high risk patients
Nail and Skin Care
  • Mycotic nails, Athlete’s foot fungus, dermatitis, verrucae, Keratomas, skin lesions
  • Evaluation of skin lesions and/ or masses for malignancy
Wound Care
  • 18 years of experience and utilization of the most modern medical techniques
  • Affiliated with the Center for Limb Preservation, Advanced Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Therapy at St. Vincent’s Hospital
Biomechanical Evaluation and Treatment
  • Simple and complex congenital or acquired deformities in children and adults including heel pain, flat feet, high-arched feet, bunions, hammertoes, arthritic deformities, gait abnormalities, limb length discrepancies, foot drop deformity, polydactyly
  • Shoe accomodation or modification to custom bracing, therapeutic shoes and insoles, custom or accomodative orthotic therapy
Treatment of Acute and Chronic Injuries
  • Traumatic and sports related injuries to the ankles, feet and toes
  • Extensive experience in skin and nail trauma, puncture wounds, lacerations, crush injury, turf toe injury, sprains/ strains and fractures
Treatment of Neuropathy Symptoms
  • Neuropathy symptom treatment for multiple etiologies
  • Provide patient referrals for neurologic consultation when necessary
Vascular Evaluation and Treatment
  • Preliminary assessment to stratify risk factors and determine if intervention is required and monitoring of high risk patients for adverse changes
  • Venous and arterial insufficiency issues in lower extremities
  • Referral to top Vascular specialists in Jacksonville for more extensive care
On-Site Digital Podiatric X-ray Examination
  • Evaluation of trauma, pediatric or adult biomechanical, arthritic or other deformities
  • Immediate results are loaded to electronic medical record for easy transfer
Therapeutic Shoe Program
  • Offer broad selection of quality therapeutic shoes for at-risk patients who meet the appropriate criteria
  • On-site fitting, dispensing and education to encourage patient compliance and reduce complications
Hospital and Consultation Services
  • Inpatient hospital, consultation, and surgery services

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